Kronborg Castle
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Bioinformatics 2000 was the second, major international bioinformatics meeting in Scandinavia. It was organized jointly by Swedish, Norwegian and Danish bioinformatics groups. The aim of the meeting is to provide up-to-date accounts of new developments in bioinformatics, both from a basic science, technology development, and industrial point of view.
Bioinformatics2000 included sessions on:

The meeting was held at Hotel Marienlyst in Elsinore in the north-east of Denmark, a location easily accessible from Copenhagen airport. Hotel Marienlyst is situated next to Kronborg Castle, the home of the "virtual" Danish Prince in Shakespeare's play Hamlet.

The meeting was organized by

Søren Brunak & Anders Krogh
Center for Biological Sequence Analysis, Technical University of Denmark
Gunnar von Heijne & Arne Elofsson
Department of Biochemistry, Stockholm University
Erik Sonnhammer & Bengt Persson
Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm
Bo Servenius
AstraZeneca R&D Lund - Bioinformatics
Inge Jonassen
Department of Informatics, University of Bergen
The groups collaborate in SocBiN - Society for Bioinformatics in the Nordic countries (see )

For further information contact conference secretary Johanne Keiding
E-mail:   Phone: +45 4525 2477   Fax: +45 4593 1585

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