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RNAmmer RNAmmer academic download

Please note that this page is intended for academic users only. Other users are requested
to contact CBS Software Package Manager at

Alongside the on-line service at RNAmmer/ the RNAmmer RNAmmer method is available as a stand-alone software package to install and run at the user's site, with the same functionality. For academic users there is no license fee. Ready-to-ship packages exist for the most common UNIX platforms (see the manual pageinstallation instructions and bug fix history).

Please fill in the form below and click on 'Submit' at the bottom of the page. The software will be shipped immediately in the form of mail attachments to the e-mail address you specify below.

The current version is RNAmmer RNAmmer 1.2, from Sep 9, 2008.


Be sure to spell your e-mail address carefully. Use an address in the domain of your university or other academic institution. The software will not ship to private or commercial addresses e.g., etc.

Please specify both your university or research centre and the department or institute within it.

Read and accept the terms of the academic license agreement


I accept - the license agreement and the software will be mailed
I do not accept - only the license agreement will be mailed for review


CBS Software Package Manager,