Biopeople - Microarray Analysis: Introduction to R

Course Program - September 21, 2010

Lectures and exercises will take place at the Center for Biological Sequence Analysis at the Technical University of Denmark,
Building 208, Auditorium 062, in Lyngby.

Course content: The course will provide a base level introduction to the R statistical software environment, which is a GNU public license alternative to tools like S, Matlab, SAS, etc. The participants will be able to use R to perform basic algebra and employ generic statistical methods as well as access utilities specifically designed for microarray analysis through the Bioconductor resource. No previous knowledge about R or other mathematical environments is required.

Course Material: The official Introduction to R which also exists as a pdf is freely available online. Although you're welcome, You do not need to read it beforehand. Rather, use it as a reference during the exercises.

You will need to bring your own laptop with R pre-installed upon it. R is freely available here from the Comprehensive R Archive Network.

Teacher: Carsten Friis

O Tuesday, September 21

Welcome & Introduction to R (Lecture slides)
Coffee Break
Exercise: Basic R Usage (Solutions)
[Optional Hard Exercise: Programming R]
Lecture and Exercise: Working with Objects in R (Lecture slides) (Solutions)

Lunch Break

Exercise: Using BioConductor with R
Coffee Break
Exercise: File I/O - Getting data into R
Summing up and Farewell Test
The next course: Microarray-Data Analysis 1 (biopeople-Course by H. Bjørn Nielsen and Hanne Jarmer on September 22, 2010)