Bioinformatics and Gene Discovery - #27616

5 points, 3-week intensive course, Next course: June 4 - 22, 2007
Course organizer:   Carsten Friis
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NEWS (May 24, 2007):
  • Room update: The course has relocated to building 210, room 118.

    NEWS (May 17, 2007):
  • New course organizer appointed: Carsten Friis, CBS.
  • The 2007 course will NOT be internet transmitted

    From June 4 to 22, 2007, CBS is offering an intensive course in Bioinformatics & Gene Discovery. The first course, which was held from June 7 - 18, 2004, was overbooked and received a lot of positive feedback.

    Due to the massive interest in the first course, it is now offered in an on-site as well as an internet transmitted version. The internet version of the course will be a combination of live, real-time transmitted lectures and web based exercises, where the students will be introduced to a range of computational methods used in the field and to internet biocomputing services available. It will be possible to communicate and ask questions during the lectures and exercises via chat lines maintained by CBS staff. Registration deadline: MAY 1, 2007

    Lectures and exercises will take place at CBS, DTU, building 210, room 118. A campus map is available at: DTU campus map

    The discovery of novel genes and their importance in basic biological systems as well as in diseases is an important factor within microbiology, biotechnology and medical research. The aim of the course is to provide the students with a general knowledge of the different methods used to characterize the expression and activity of various genes in addition to a specific knowledge about the methods used to predict the structure and function of hitherto unknown genes. Through hands-on exercises, the students will be able to perform advanced bioinformatics analysis of novel gene sequences.

    • genes and genomes
    • genes as therapeutic targets and products
    • prediction of gene structure- and function
    • prediction of protein post-translational modifications (PTMs)
    • experimental methods for determination of gene structure (genomics)
    • localization (in situ hybridization)
    • transcriptional activity (Q-RT-PCR; microarray)
    • protein function in vivo (animal models)
    • intellectual property rights and gene patents
    • examples from industrial Gene Discovery research programmes
    Prerequisites: courses 27002, 27021 or equivalent. Suggested prerequisites: courses 27011 and 27611.
    The course will be taught in English, and is targeted for students on their 5th semester or above as well as PhD-students.

    The course will be taught in English and consists of lectures and computer exercises, where the students will be introduced to a range of computational methods used in the field and to Internet biocomputing services available. The course is targeted towards students on their 5th semester or above as well as PhD-students. All students from DTU and other universities are welcome.

    If you are a student NOT enrolled at DTU, please sign up as a guest student through:

    None-students are also welcome, but have to pay a tuition fee in the amount of DKK 1.250. More information and application form can be found at:

    If you wish to follow the internet transmitted version of the course, please forward an email to Hanne Lundgaard, BEFORE April 20, 2007

    The deadline for signing up for the course is May 1, 2007. There will be room for 30 on-site participants and 20 online participants. A minimum of 10 on-site and 10 on-line participants is required.