Protein Structure and Computational Biology - #27617

The three-dimensional structure and flexibility of proteins determine their function in biological processes. Knowledge about protein structure is used in structure-based drug design and optimization of biocatalysts. The goal of the recent years "structural genomics" projects is to map the fold space, to make it possible to generate a useful homology model of any protein of interest in the future. In this course, the students will analyze proteins from influenza virus, where they will investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying the different phases of the virus cycle. This will give the students a deeper understanding of protein structure analysis and knowledge about the newest techniques in homology modeling, protein engineering and directed evolution.

  • Elements of protein structure
  • Structural databases
  • Structural genomics
  • Fold recognition and homology modeling
  • Structure validation
  • Structure analysis
  • Structure visualisation
Lectures and exercises will take place at DTU, building 208 in room 062 (in the basement below CBS). A campus map is available at: DTU campus map

The course will be taught in English and consists of lectures and computer exercises, where the students will be introduced to a range of computational tools and methods used in the field and to Internet biocomputing services available. The course is targeted towards students on their 5th semester or above as well as PhD-students. All students from DTU and other universities are welcome.

If you are a student NOT enrolled at DTU, please sign up as a guest student. None-students are also welcome, but have to pay a tuition fee in the amount of DKK 1.250. More information and application form can be found at the link provided above. The deadline for signing up for the course is ULTIMO JANUARY 2008. There will be room for up to 40 participants.