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Immunological Bioinformatics - #27685

5 point course, 3-week course, June 2012
Course Organizer:   Ole Lund

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June 4-22, 2012 CBS is organizing an intensive course on MSc/PhD level (annotated as a MSc course) in Immunological Bioinformatics.

The deadline for registration for the on-site course is May 15, 2011.

The course starts Monday, June 4 at 9.00, and runs every day for a three weeks period (except weekends), ending Friday 22/6 with a minisymposion and poster session.
A campus map is available at: DTU campus map

Introduction to bioinformatics and immunology, immunoinformatics, the immune system, cellular immunity, antibody mediated immunity, virus infection, vaccine design, modeling the immune system in the genome era, information theory of the immune system, databases and web resources in immunological bioinformatics, systems biology, experimental and theoretical description of peptide-MHC binding, prediction of T-cell epitopes using neural networks, selection of epitopes using bioinformatics, prediction of proteasome processing, and TAP binding, DNA vaccines and maturation of the immune response, discovery of disease related genes using analysis of DNA array data, modeling of structural epitopes, vaccination against allergy, practical exercises in alignment, database search and prediction.

All students from DTU and other universities are welcome. Prerequisites are DTU courses 27611 or 27321 or equivalents, i.e., basic knowledge of either immunology or bioinformatics. The course is a combination of lectures and exercises, and will be conducted in English.

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Students enrolled at DTU should sign up through CampusNet.

If you are a student NOT enrolled at DTU, please sign up as a guest student through:

None-students are also welcome and should sign up under Open University. For participants under Open University there is a tuition fee. More information and application form can be found at:
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There will be room for 40 participants in total.
Registration deadline for the on-site course is   May 15, 2011

Course curriculum: LITTERATURE: TBA

For more information, please contact course organizer Ole Lund or click on the links above.