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Day 3: Metagenomics

Rob Edwards will be doing the exercises with you today. Links that you will need are shown below:

Genome/Metagenome Workshop Manual: http://edwards.sdsu.edu/rob/MgRastWS.pdf

The SEED for viewing complete genomes: http://seed-viewer.theseed.org/

Annotating Complete Genomes: http://rast.nmpdr.org

Viewing/Annotating Metagenomes: http://metagenomics.theseed.org/

Accessing Metagenomes via Complete Genomes: http://bioseed.mcs.anl.gov/~redwards/FIG/SomeMetagenomes.cgi

Real Time Metagenomics: http://bioseed.mcs.anl.gov/~redwards/FIG/RTMg.cgi