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Exercise M7

Exercise 1

Bioinformatics: An Interactive Introduction to NCBI

Exercise 2

Retrieve all data from a given organism or taxon

Exercise 3

"Taxonomy at the click of a mouse” – start at and browse around! How many validly described Burkholderia, Ralstonia and Pandoraea species are there now?

Exercise 4

RIDOM - Ribosomal Differentiation of Medical Microorganisms
  • retrieve sequence AJ239304 from GenBank
  • using RIDOM, determine from which species this sequence comes

Exercise 5

Burkholderia genomics : compile a list of all Burkholderia genomes that are being sequenced (provide source, GC content, genome size and estimated no. of genes for as much genomes as possible) – suggestion : start at or

Exercise 6

What are the closest phylogenetic neighbours of strain R-23533? The accession no. of its 16S rRNA sequence is AJ871398. Draw a tree of this sequence and the sequence of the 16S rRNA gene of the 8 most related species (not sequences).