NOTE: These pages remain online for reference only; the workshop programme contains links to the lecture notes, exercise cookbooks and example solutions to problems etc.

EMBRACE Workshop on Bioinformatics of Immunology

CBS, BioCentrum-DTU, January 24-26, 2007

Workshop programme
Application form (deadline: December 18, 2006)
Practical information

The workshop will address the current issues in immunobioinformatics. It will consist of lectures and hands-on computer exercises, where the participants will be introduced to a range of computational methods used in the field and to a selection of relevant services available on the internet. Special attention will be given to SOAP based Web Services.

The workshop will be held at the Center for Biological Sequence Analysis, BioCentrum, Technical University of Denmark, building 208, room 62, in Lyngby, Denmark, very close to Copenhagen. It will both start and end at mid-day (an 24 and 26, respectively) leaving ample time to reach most European destinations on the same day.

To apply for the workshop, please sign up through the online application form.


Ole Lund,