Services and softwares used in the exercises

Traditional paste-and-click services

SOAP based Web Services


  • SoapUI, a desktop application for inspecting, invoking and testing of Web Services over HTTP. We have found it very useful in our work; it allows to investigate a new Web Service quickly, getting to understand the operations it contains, the input it expects and the output it produces. SoapUI can be downloaded free of charge from The installation is very simple (it needs at least Java 1.5).

  • SOAP::Lite, a collection of Perl modules which provides a simple and lightweight interface to SOAP, both on client and server side. It can be downloaded free of charge from It should install smoothly on top of any modern Perl installation. This module makes it possible to call Web Services from Perl scripts, as in the Exercise 2.

  • TAVERNA, a graphical user interface to Web Services (and a lot of other functionality). It can be downloaded free of charge from

Example Perl script

The script calls the GenomeAtlas Web Service and prints the output proteome in FASTA.

The decision to use Perl for accessing Web services was based on local CBS considerations. SOAP support is also implemented in Java, Python, C++ etc.


Ole Lund,