NOTE: These pages remain online for reference only; the workshop programme contains links to the lecture notes, exercise cookbooks and example solutions to problems etc.

EMBRACE Workshop on Client Side Scripting for Web Services

CBS, BioCentrum-DTU, February 6-8, 2008

Workshop programme
Application form (deadline: December 10, 2007; registration is now closed)
Practical information

The workshop will focus on practical use of Web Services in scripts and programs developed on the user's own computer. Such scripts can be executed directly on the command line or included in larger softwares, increasing the local bioinformatics toolbox dramatically with a limited programming effort. We see client side scripting as a useful supplement to the existing and emerging graphical interfaces to Web Services.

There will be several hands-on exercises; the general concepts involved in calling Web Services from a script will be explained in detail. Perl and PYTHON will be used throughout as example languages. We will use the existing EMBRACE Web Services and construct workflows. Interoperability will be the key issue; it will be possible to experience combining Web Services in practice. In the exercises there will be time reserved for work with the Web Services of interest to the participants. As participants we would like to see both those already familiar with the Web Services technology and new beginners. For convenience, we will offer an optional introduction to Perl in the morning of Wed, Feb 6 (see the programme).

The workshop will be held at the Center for Biological Sequence Analysis, BioCentrum, Technical University of Denmark, building 208, room 62, in Lyngby, Denmark, very close to Copenhagen. It will both start and end at mid-day (Feb 6 and 8, respectively) leaving ample time to reach most European destinations on the same day. The participants who choose to attend the optional introduction to Perl in the morning of Wed, Feb 6 (see above, and the programme) may need to arrive to Denmark already on the day before.

To apply for the workshop, please sign up through the on-line application form.