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How to get X up and working

Hints for Windows users:

For doing the exercises on our server you must be able to connect to the server using Secure Shell (SSH) or Putty and tunnel X through the connection.

How to do it? Begin by installing an X-server.

X server

  • You need an X-server running to see the unix GUI (grafical interface).
  • Any X-server running on your computer will do. If you don't have one, then Xming can be downloaded here.
  • And you also need to dowload this.
  • You need Xming and Xming-fonts.
  • Do a standard install - yes to all.
  • When installing Xming Fonts, you will be told that there already is a Xming folder, and if you want to install on top of that. The correct answer is YES.
  • When you are running this program, a small X will appear in your systray.

Then what?

X-server must be running if you want to use X (clustalW, nedit, ghostview etc.) on the CBS server.

If it is the first time you are using this, you should make sure that the configurations on the program that you are connecting to CBS servers (such as SSH or putty) are suitable to open the X windows.

If you are connecting with SSH:

Edit -> Settings-> Tunneling-> X11 tunneling

Here just enable the X11 tunneling by clicking on the box at the end.

You get an image like this:

Where to click to get X working using SSH

Then you say OK and close the application. It asks do you want to save the new settings :    YES.

Now if the Xming ( or your X server) is running, open SSH and connect to CBS servers. Try:
nedit file &

on your command line and see if a window pops open to edit that file. (nedit is a text editor tool).

If it does, then you're ready to go!

If you are connecting with Putty:

When you run Putty, the configuration window opens first.

Go to Connection-> SSH -> X11 ( Options controlling SSH X11 forwarding)

Then Enable X11 forwarding.

How to get X working when using Putty

Connect to CBS and try:

nedit file &

If it does, then it means you're set, and you can go on with your exercises.

For more details you can check out these links: