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Data Sets

  • AraClean
    Arabidopsis thaliana data set.

  • Cell cycle data sets
    Cell cycle related data sets and supplementary information.

  • DNA2protSS
    mRNA sequences and the corresponding protein secondary structure assignments.

  • DOGS
    Database Of Genome Sizes.

  • GlycateBase
    Database of glycation data for ε amino groups of lysines.

  • MetaGenomic Species
    Information on metagenomic species (MGS)and co-abundance gene groups (CAGs) of the human gut.

  • NESbase
    Database of nuclear export signals.

  • NetStart
    Translation initiation site data sets.

  • Oglyc-Base
    Database of O-glycosylated proteins.

  • PhosphoBase
    Database of phosphorylation sites in proteins and peptides.

  • PlantExpr
    Supplementary plant gene expression data for scientific publications.

  • Signalp ftp site
    Signal peptide data sets.

  • Snake Toxins
    Data from High Density Peptide Microarray analysis.