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Database Of Genome Sizes


While gathering data for a lecture on sequence analysis we became aware of the great interest in the research community for a comprehensive list of (estimated) genome sizes for different organisms. The purpose of this database is to provide such a list.
The ultimate goal is to compile a list of all the known organisms and their respective genome sizes. Both the completed and estimated genomes are listed. The estimated genome sizes are given for both the organisms currently being sequenced and those for which no sequencing programme is in progress.

Sources of information

The genome sizes that we provide have been collected from the scientific literature and personal communications. Whenever possible the reference is listed. Alternative estimates exist for many uncompleted genomes. In such cases the newest reference will be quoted in the first room followed by other, less recent estimates.
We do not claim that the data and the references listed to support them are in any way superior to other sources of information. They should be subjected to validation by users in possession of expert knowledge. We expect the users to return comments and suggestions of more accurate data and more appropriate references.