Revision history

 1 Oct, 1998: Release of v/4.0. 179 proteins, 991 verified O-glycosylation sites.
              Medline reference numbers added
              HTML links to cross-database and medline references

13 Oct, 1998: Format corrections

25 Oct, 1998: Html links added for HSSP and MGD database references
      (v4.01) Database entry 099 corrected (xdb reference)
              Minor format corrections

30 Oct, 1998: NiceProt links added to SwissProt references
 2 Nov, 1998: Database entry 092 comment update

 4 Dec, 1998: New database entry (ODB: 180)
      (v4.02) Minor format corrections + medline refs for entries 036, 037.

18 Jan, 1999: CarbBank http-linked
      (v4.03) HTML nametags provided with each entry.

12 Oct, 2000: Release of v/5.0. 198 proteins, 1033 verified O-glycosylation sites.
      (v5.00) Overall cleanup in text and format. Entries updated with new information.
                              19 new proteins added. A few duplicates identified in database.
                              HTML refs updated, all PIR entries checked for existence.
                              GlycosuiteDB links added where possible.

 6 Nov, 2002: Release of v/6.0. 242 proteins, 2413 verified O-glycosylation sites.
      (v6.00) Entries updated with new information. 44 new proteins added; a 22% increase.
                              Version 6.0 is the first version to include C-mannosylation of Trp residues.
                              HTML refs updated, all PIR entries checked for existence.

Last change: Oct 12, 2000.
Ramneek Gupta