PhosphoBase v2.0

A database of phosphorylation sites

Provided by Center for Biological Sequence Analysis (CBS)

Release date: Dec. 1998

Release notes 

Warning: This page is rather outdated.
Use at your own risk.


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    New data, comments and suggestions 

    Phosphobase is created and maintained by 

    Andres Kreegipuu , e-mail 
    (Dept. of Chemical Physics, University of Tartu, Estonia) 

    Nikolaj Blom , e-mail 
    (Center for Biological Sequence Analysis, Denmark) 

    Please send your new data, comments, critique, or suggesions. New data will be incorporated in updated versions of Phosphobase. 

    Citation of PhosphoBase

    Please use: 
    Blom N, Kreegipuu A, Brunak S (1998), "PhosphoBase: a database of phosphorylation sites.", 
    Nucleic Acids Res 26(1):384-386 (Abstract) (Medline)   

    Technical problems

    Last change: Dec 8, 1998, 

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