DTU course # 27104: The Scientific Communication of Comparative Genomics

Course Schedule for 2009

Performance will be evaluated by an oral podcast of at least 5 minutes (10%), a poster (15%), a journal club report (25%), and a final written manuscript (50%). See the course schedule for more information about grading and course aims and objectives.

Book Cover The textbook is written specifically for this course:
COMPUTING FOR COMPARATIVE GENOMICS: Bioinformatics for Microbiologists
by David W. Ussery, Stefano Borini, and Trudy M. Wassenaar

Springer, to be published in autumn, 2008.       Link to Amazon.com        Note that the DTU bookstore has ordered copies of the text. Links to PDF files for relevant papers will be provided on this web page (see below).

This is the ninth year for this course, which was first taught in the autumn of 2001. Links to the course programme for     2008 ,     2007 ,     2006 ,     2005 ,     2004 ,     2003     and     2002 .     Also, one-week versions of the course have been taught at other locations:    

Prerequisites: Introduction to Bioinformatics (course #27011 or similar) and General Biotechnology and Life Science (course #27000 or similar). Entry level college math and biology are essential.
For those who would like a review of basic Bioinformatics, see the lecture notes for the CBS Introduction to Bioinformatics course. For a background in basic molecular biology/genetics, there are several good texts on-line. For those who whish more microbiological information, Brock Biology of Microogranisms, by Michael Madigan, John Martinko, and Jack Parker, is available in the DTU bookstore and recommended.

For more information, please contact   David Ussery