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Student projects at CBS

CBS is currently divided into ten research groups. If you are interested in doing a student project at CBS, please contact one of the groups within your area of interest. See the groups here

Student projects in 2009

Here is a list of student projects in 2009:

Examples of completed projects in 2008

Special courses
Bachelor projects
  • Expression evidence for loss of function mutations in key cancer genes of diffuse large b-cell lymphoma (DLBL) patients. Contact persons: Thomas Skøt Jensen/Christopher Workman
  • Foetal programming; effects on pancreatic lipid deposition. Contact person: Lars Hellgren
  • Immune response regulation by specific nutrients. Contact person: Alexandr Parlesak
  • Peptide binding based substitution matrices in epitope prediction. Contact person: Claus Lundegaard

Master projects
  • Genome annotation of pseudomonas aeruginosa clinical isolates. Contact person: David Ussery
  • Longitudinal study of interactions among mutations in the gag and pol regions based on antiviral treated HIV-1 patients in Greenland. Contact person: Anders Gorm Pedersen
  • Molecular biology of uniary tract infectious bacteria. Contact persons: Per Klemm/Viktoria Hancock
  • Validation of putative pharmacologically relevant target genes for the treatment of obesity and type II diabetes. Contact person: Lars Hellgren

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