Biological Sequence Analysis - #27803

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When does the course take place?

    The course runs each Spring (April or May) for two weeks. The exact dates will be announced on the website when known.

  2. How do I apply for the course?

    An online application form will be put on our website in the Autumn. Application deadline will be late January (exact date will be announced when the form is up).

  3. What background in computer science/mathematic modelling/physical chemistry is required for following the course?

    No special background in computer science is needed. If you know how to use a (personal) computer and a mouse, you will be able to follow the course. Basic knowledge of biochemistry and molecular biology is required.

  4. What is the course fee?

    O Participation is free for those enrolled as Ph.D. students at institutions participating in the so-called `open market for Ph.D. courses'.
    Fee for participants from industry:

    • Onsite participation:     DKK 7.000
    • Online participation:     DKK 5.000

  5. Is participation restricted to Ph.D. students?

    O No, but Ph.D. students will have first priority in case of overbooking.

  6. What is the work load of the course?

    O The formal number of actual working hours (lectures, exercises and preparation) will be 280, which is 30% of the obligatory 1/2 year of courses for Ph.D. students - equivalent to 12 ECTS point.

  7. Is it possible to participate in the lectures only, without participating in the exercises?

    O Yes, it will be possible for a minor number of persons to participate in lectures only. Please indicate on the application form.

  8. What literature will be used?

    O A course compendium will be made and distributed before the course start.

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