Ph.D. course in Biological Sequence Analysis

March 31 to April 11, 2003

Below you will find the application form for the Spring 2003 course. Please fill in the form and submit it. There will only be room for max. 30 participants. In case of submission problems please contact Johanne Keiding , (+45) 4525 2477.

Submission Deadline:    January 31, 2003

Applications received after January 31, 2003 will NOT be taken into consideration.

Application Form

CPR-number (if applicable)
Working address
E-mail address
Have you applied for this course before?

Educational background
Are you enrolled as Ph.D. student at the time of the course?      
If `yes', please answer the following questions:
At which institution?
Name of your supervisor
Title of your Ph.D.-project
Is your stipend industry financed?
If `yes', name of the supporting company

Project description
- please give a short description of your project and indicate why you want to participate in the course.

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