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Center for Biological Sequence Analysis - DTU

Department of Medicinal Chemistry - DFH

Spring Semester 1996

Ph.D. course in
Biological Sequence Analysis
and Protein Modelling

Sequence Analysis ---------- Structure Prediction Biological Function

A two week Ph.D. course will be held in the period April 22 - May 2 dealing with biological macromolecules from sequence analysis throught 3D-structure to the understanding of biological function at a molecular level. The course will be relevant for Ph.D. students within biochemistry, physics, chemistry or molecular biology with an interest in nucleotides and/or proteins. The following topics will be covered:

The course will consist of lectures and computer exercises, where the students will be introduced to a range of computational methods used in the field and to Internet biocomputing services available. It is arranged by staff members from the Department of Medicinal Chemistry at the Royal Danish School of Pharmacy (DFH) and the Center for Biological Sequence Analysis at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Teachers will include Flemming Steen Jørgensen (DFH), Jette Byberg Buur (DFH), Inge Thøger Christensen (DFH), Søren Brunak (DTU), Henrik Bohr (DTU), Jan Hansen (DTU), Jotun Hein (ÅU) and some guest lecturers.

The complete programme for the course is not available yet, but will continuously be updated at this World Wide Web site.

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