Using UNIX operaration system - exercises

  1. Use nedit to create a file mycommands.txt where you write all commands and observations you do in the following exercises. Use copy/paste to copy the commands.
  2. First list the files in the directory.
  3. Create a file (ex1) with nedit. Copy ex1 to myfile.
  4. Look at the content of both files to ensure they are identical
  5. Create a new file (ex2) with nedit. Copy ex2 to myfile.
  6. Check that the content of myfile changed.
  7. Delete myfile.
  8. Make a directory test and move the three files (ex1, ex2, myfile) to it.
  9. Make a directory data and move the three files to that instead.
  10. Remove test directory.
  11. Change directory to data and confirm that you succeded.
  12. Make three new directories newtest - one inside the other, like a russian doll.
  13. Move the data directory to the innermost newtest directory.
  14. Confirm that the three files are moved along with the data directory.
  15. Copy the three files to your home (your top directory).
  16. Remove all newtest directories and data in it with a single command
  17. Copy mycommands.txt twice into test.txt in such a way that the text appears twice.
  18. Cat test.txt into less using pipes.
  19. List the content of the directory into a file dir.txt using redirection