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    MHCcluster, a method for functional clustering of MHC molecules
    Thomsen M, Lundegaard C, Buus S, Lund O, Nielsen M
    Immunogenetics., 2013
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    In silico peptide-binding predictions of passerine MHC class I reveal similarities across distantly related species, suggesting convergence on the level of protein function
    Follin E, Karlsson M, Lundegaard C, Nielsen M, Wallin S, Paulsson K, Westerdahl H
    Immunogenetics. 2013 Jan 29, 2013
    Bioinformatics Identification of Antigenic Peptide: Predicting the Specificity of Major MHC Class I and II Pathway Players
    Lund O, Karosiene E, Lundegaard C, Larsen MV, Nielsen M
    Methods Mol Biol. 2013, 2013


    Immune epitope database analysis resource
    Kim Y, Ponomarenko J, Zhu Z, Tamang D, Wang P, Greenbaum J, Lundegaard C, Sette A, Lund O, Bourne PE, Nielsen M, Peters B
    PubMed, 2012
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    Predictions versus high- throughput experiments in T-cell epitope discovery: competition or synergy?
    Lundegaard C, Lund O, Nielsen M
    Expert Rev. Vaccines 11(1), 43–54 (2012), 2012


    Machine learning competition in immunology - Prediction of HLA class I binding peptides
    Zhang GL6, Ansari HR, Bradley P, Cawley GC, Hertz T, Hu X, Jojic N, Kim Y, Kohlbacher O, Lund O, Lundegaard C, Magaret CA, Nielsen M, Papadopoulos H, Raghava GP, Tal VS, Xue LC, Yanover C, Zhu S, Rock MT, Crowe JE Jr, Panayiotou C, Polycarpou MM, Duch W, Brusic V
    J Immunol Methods., 2011
    Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) Class I Restricted Epitope Discovery in Yellow Fewer and Dengue Viruses: Importance of HLA Binding Strength.
    Lund O4, Nascimento EJM, Maciel M Jr, Nielsen M, Larsen MV, Lundegaard C, Harndahl M, Lamberth K, Buus S, Salmon J, August TJ, Marques Jr ETA
    PLoS ONE 6(10): e26494. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0026494, 2011
    NetMHCcons: a consensus method for the major histocompatibility complex class I predictions
    Karosiene E, Lundegaard C, Lund O, Nielsen M
    Immunogenetics, 2011
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    NetTurnP - Neural Network Prediction of Beta-turns by Use of Evolutionary Information and Predicted Protein Sequence Features
    Petersen B, Lundegaard C, Petersen TN
    PLoS One, November 30, 2010
    NetMHCIIpan-2.0 - Improved pan-specific HLA-DR predictions using a novel concurrent alignment and weight optimization training procedure
    Nielsen M, Justesen S, Lund O, Lundegaard C, Buus S
    Immunome Research, Nov 13, 2010
    State of the art and challenges in sequence based T-cell epitope prediction
    Lundegaard C, Hoof I, Lund O, Nielsen M
    Immunome Research, Nov 3, 2010
    Mice, men and MHC supertypes
    Lundegaard C
    Expert Rev Vaccines, 2010
    CPHmodels-3.0--remote homology modeling using structure-guided sequence profiles
    Nielsen M, Lundegaard C, Lund O, Petersen TN
    Nucleic Acids Research, 2010
    Major histocompatibility complex class I binding predictions as a tool in epitope discovery
    Lundegaard C, Lund O, Buus S, Nielsen M
    Immunology, 2010
    MHC Class II epitope predictive algorithms
    Nielsen M, Lund O, Buus S, Lundegaard C
    Immunology, 2010
    NetCTLpan: pan-specific MHC class I pathway epitope predictions
    Stranzl T, Larsen MV, Lundegaard C, Nielsen M
    Immunogenetics, 2010
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    A generic method for assignment of reliability scores applied to solvent accessibility predictions
    Petersen B, Petersen TN, Andersen P, Nielsen M, Lundegaard C
    BMC Struct Biol.;9(1):51, 2009
    Pan-specific MHC class I predictors: A benchmark of HLA class I pan-specific prediction methods
    Zhang H, Lundegaard C, Nielsen M
    Bioinformatics 61(1):1-13, 2009


    The peptide-binding specificity of HLA-A*3001 demonstrates membership of the HLA-A3 supertype
    Lamberth K, Røder G, Harndahl M, Nielsen M, Lundegaard C, Schafer- Nielsen C, Lund O, Buus S
    Immunogenetics. 2008 Sep 4. [Epub ahead of print], 2008
    Quantitative predictions of peptide binding to any HLA-DR molecule of known sequence: NetMHCIIpan
    Nielsen M, Lundegaard C, Blicher T, Peters B, Sette A, Justesen S, Buus S, Lund O
    PLoS Comput Biol. 2008 Jul 4;4(7):e1000107, 2008
    Immune epitope database analysis resource (IEDB-AR)
    Zhang Q, Wang P, Kim Y, Haste-Andersen P, Beaver J, Bourne PE, Bui HH, Buus S, Frankild S, Greenbaum J, Lund O, Lundegaard C, Nielsen M, Ponomarenko J, Sette A, Zhu Z, Peters B
    Nucleic Acids Res. 2008 Jul 1;36(Web Server issue):W513-8. Epub 2008 May 31., 2008
    NetMHC-3.0: accurate web accessible predictions of human, mouse and monkey MHC class I affinities for peptides of length 8-11
    Lundegaard C, Lamberth K, Harndahl M, Buus S, Lund O, Nielsen M
    Nucleic Acids Res. 2008 Jul 1;36(Web Server issue):W509-12. Epub 2008 May 7., 2008
    Accurate approximation method for prediction of class I MHC affinities for peptides of length 8, 10 and 11 using prediction tools trained on 9mers
    Lundegaard C, Lund O, Nielsen M
    Bioinformatics. 2008 Jun 1;24(11):1397-8. Epub 2008 Apr 14, 2008


    Modeling the adaptive immune system: predictions and simulations
    Lundegaard C, Lund O, Kesmir C, Brunak S, Nielsen M
    Bioinformatics, 23:3265-75, 2007
    Large-scale validation of methods for cytotoxic T-lymphocyte epitope prediction
    Larsen MV, Lundegaard C, Lamberth K, Buus S, Lund O, Nielsen M
    BMC Bioinformatics,31;8:424, 2007
    Prediction of MHC class II binding affinity using SMM-align, a novel stabilization matrix alignment method
    Nielsen M, Lundegaard C, Lund O
    BMC Bioinformatics. Jul 4;8(1):238, 2007
    NetMHCpan, a method for quantitative predictions of peptide binding to any HLA-A and -B locus protein of known sequence
    Nielsen M, Lundegaard C, Blicher T, Lamberth K, Harndahl M, Justesen S, Roder G, Peters B, Sette A, Lund O, Buus S
    PLoS ONE. Aug 29;2(8):e796, 2007


    A community resource benchmarking predictions of peptide binding to MHC-I molecules
    Peters B, Bui HH, Frankild S, Nielson M, Lundegaard C, Kostem E, Basch D, Lamberth K, Harndahl M, Fleri W, Wilson SS, Sidney J, Lund O, Buus S, Sette A
    PLoS Comput Biol., 2 (6):e65, 2006
    The validity of predicted T-cell epitopes
    Lundegaard C, Nielsen M, Lund O
    Trends Biotechnol., 24 (12), 537-8, 2006
    CTL epitopes for influenza A including the H5N1 bird flu; genome-, pathogen-, and HLA-wide screening
    Wang M, Lamberth K, Harndahl M, Roder G, Stryhn A, Larsen MV, Nielsen M, Lundegaard C, Tang ST, Dziegiel MH, Rosenkvist J, Pedersen AE, Buus S, Claesson MH, Lund O
    Vaccine (in press), 2006


    An integrative approach to CTL epitope prediction: A combined algorithm integrating MHC class I binding, TAP transport
    Larsen MV, Lundegaard C, Lamberth K, Buus S, Brunak S, Lund O, Nielsen M
    Eur J Immunol,35, 2295-2303, 2005
    The role of the proteasome in generating cytotoxic T-cell epitopes: insights obtained from improved predictions of proteasomal cleavage
    Nielsen M, Lundegaard C, Lund O, Kesmir C
    Immunogenetics, 57, 33-41, 2005


    Definition of supertypes for HLA molecules using clustering of specificity matrices
    Lund O, Nielsen M, Kesmir C, Pedersen AG, Lundegaard C, Worning P, Sylvester-Hvid C, Lamberth K, Roder G, Justesen S, Buus S, Brunak S
    Immunogenetics, 55, 797-810, 2004
    MHC Class I Epitope Binding Prediction Trained on Small Data Sets
    Lundegaard C, Nielsen M, Lamberth K, Worning P, Sylvester-Hvid C, Søren Buus, Brunak S, Lund O
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 3239, proceeding of ICARIS 2004, 217-225, 2004
    Abstract from Springer-Verlag
    SARS CTL vaccine candidates; HLA supertype-, genome-wide scanning and biochemical validation
    Sylvester-Hvid C, Nielsen M, Lamberth K, Roder G, Justesen S, Lundegaard C, Worning P, Thomadsen H, Lund O, Brunak S, Buus S
    Tissue Antigens, 63, 395-400, 2004
    Improved prediction of MHC class I and II epitopes using a novel Gibbs sampling approach
    Nielsen M, Lundegaard C, Worning P, Sylvester-Hvid C, Lamberth K, Buus S, Brunak S, Lund O
    Bioinformatics, 12;20, 1388-97, 2004


    Selecting Informative Data for Developing Peptide-MHC Binding Predictors Using a Query by Committee Approach
    Christensen JK, Lamberth K, Nielsen M, Lundegaard C, Worning P, Lauemøller SL, Buus S, Brunak S, Lund O
    Neural Computation, 15, 2931-42, 2003
    Analysis of two large functionally uncharacterized regions in the Methanopyrus kandleri AV19 genome
    Jensen LJ, Skovgaard M, Sicheritz-Ponten T, Jørgensen MK, Lundegaard C, Pedersen CC, Petersen N, Ussery D
    BMC Genomics, 4, 12, 2003
    Reliable prediction of T-cell epitopes using neural networks with novel sequence representations
    Nielsen M, Lundegaard C, Worning P, Lauemøller SL, Lamberth K, Buus S, Brunak S, Lund O
    Protein Science, 12, 1007-17, 2003


    Web-based Tools for Vaccine Design
    Lund O, Nielsen M, Kesmir C, Christensen JK, Lundegaard C, Worning P, Brunak S
    HIV Molecular Immunology, pp. 45-51, 2002


    Prediction of protein secondary structure at 80% accuracy
    Petersen TN, Lundegaard C, Nielsen M, Bohr H, Brunak S, Gippert GP, Lund O
    Proteins, 41, 17-20, 2000


    Immunological Bioinformatics
    Lund O, Nielsen M, Lundegaard C, Kesmir C, Brunak S
    MIT Press, 312 pages, 2005

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