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    Prediction and identification of B-cell epitopes using protein structure information
    Andersen PH
    Ph.D. thesis, 2007
    Human pregnancy-associated malaria-specific B cells target polymorphic, conformational epitopes in VAR2CSA
    Barfod L, Bernasconi NL, Dahlback M, Jarrossay D, Andersen PH, Salanti A, Ofori MF, Turner L, Resende M, Nielsen MA, Theander TG, Sallusto F, Lanzavecchia A, Hviid L
    Mol. Microbiol. 63(2):335-47, 2007
    Towards a consensus on datasets and evaluation metrics for developing B-cell epitope prediction tools
    Greenbaum JA, Andersen PH, Blythe M, Bui HH, Cachau RE, Crowe J, Davies M, Kolaskar AS, Lund O, Morrison S, Mumey B, Ofran Y, Pellequer JL, Pinilla C, Ponomarenko JV, Raghava GP, van Regenmortel MH, Roggen EL, Sette A, Schlessinger A, Sollner J, Zand M, Peters B
    J. Mol. Recognit. 20(2):75-82, 2007


    Prediction of residues in discontinuous B-cell epitopes using protein 3D structures
    Andersen PH, Nielsen M, Lund O
    Protein Sci. 15(11):2558-67, 2006
    Epitope mapping and topographic analysis of VAR2CSA DBL3X involved in P. falciparum placental sequestration
    Dahlb├Ąck M, Rask TS, Andersen PH, Nielsen MA, Ndam NT, Resende M, Turner L, Deloron P, Lund O, Pedersen AG, Hviid L, Theander TG, Salanti A
    PLoS Pathog. 2(11):e124, 2006

2007 (3) 2006 (2)