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    Dynamics of Escherichia coli Chromosome Segregation during Multifork Replication
    Nielsen HJ, Youngren B, Hansen FG, Austin S
    J. Bacteriol. 189(23):8660-6, 2007
    DNA and origin region segregation are not affected by the transition from rod to sphere after inhibition of Escherichia coli MreB by A22
    Karczmarek A, Martínez-Arteaga R, Alexeeva S, Hansen FG, Vicente M, Nanninga N, den Blaauwen T
    Mol. Microbiol. 65(1):51-63, 2007
    Sequence Characteristics Required for Cooperative Binding and Efficient inVivo Titration of the Replication Initiator Protein DnaA in E. coli
    Hansen FG, Christensen BB, Atlung T
    J. Mol. Biol. 367(4):942-52, 2007


    The Escherichia coli chromosome is organized with the left and right chromosome arms in separate cell halves
    Nielsen HJ, Ottesen JR, Youngren B, Austin SJ, Hansen FG
    Mol. Microbiol. 62(2):331-8, 2006
    Progressive segregation of the Escherichia coli chromosome
    Nielsen HJ, Li Y, Youngren B, Hansen FG, Austin S
    Mol. Microbiol. 61(2):383-93, 2006
    Insights into the quality of DnaA boxes and their cooperativity
    Hansen FG, Christensen BB, Nielsen CB, Atlung T
    J. Mol. Biol. 355(1):85-95, 2006

2007 (3) 2006 (3)