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    Effects on metabolic markers are modified by PPARG2 and COX2 polymorphisms in infants randomized to fish oil.
    Harslof LB, Damsgaard CT, Hellgren LI, Andersen AD, Vogel U, Lauritzen L
    Genes & Nutrition 9(3):396 doi:10.1007/s12263-014-0396-4, 2014


    The effects of fish oil and high or low linoleic acid intake on fatty acid composition of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells
    Damsgaard CT, Frokiaer H, Lauritzen L
    BRITISH JOURNAL OF NUTRITION, Vol.: 99, Issue: 1, Pages: 147-154, Published: JAN 2008, 2008
    Fish oil in combination with high or low intakes of linoleic acid lowers plasma triacylglycerols but does not affect other cardiovascular risk markers in healthy men
    Damsgaard CT, Frokiaer H, Andersen AD, Lauritzen L
    JOURNAL OF NUTRITION, Vol.: 138, Issue: 6, Pages: 1061-1066, Published: JUN 2008, 2008

2014 (1) 2008 (2)