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    Discovery of a Novel Selective PPAR Ligand with Partial Agonist Binding Properties by Integrated in Silico in Vitro Work Flow
    Kouskoumvekaki I, Petersen RK, Fratev F, Taboureau O, Nielsen TE, Oprea TI, Sonne S, Flindt E, Jónsdóttir SO, Kristiansen K
    Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 53(4):923-37 doi:10.1021/ci3006148, 2013


    Molecular basis of inactive B-RAF(WT) and B-RAF(V600E) ligand inhibition, selectivity and conformational stability: an in silico study.
    Fratev F, Jónsdóttir SO, Mihaylova E, Pajeva I
    Mol. Pharm. 6(1):144-57 doi:10.1021/mp8001107, 2009

2013 (1) 2009 (1)