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    COPD and asthma-associated Proteobacteria, but not commensal Prevotella spp.,promote TLR2-independent lung inflammation and pathology
    Larsen JM, Musavian HS, Butt TM, Ingvorsen C, Thysen AH, Brix S
    Immunology. 2014 Sep 1, 2014
    Children with asthma by school age display aberrant immune responses to pathogenic airway bacteria as infants.
    Larsen JM, Brix S, Thysen AH, Birch S, Rasmussen MA, Bisgaard H
    Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. 2014 Apr;133(4):1008-13, 2014


    Divergent pro-inflammatory profile of human dendritic cells in response to commensal and pathogenic bacteria associated with the airway microbiota
    Larsen JM, Steen-Jensen DB, Laursen JM, S√łndergaard JN, Musavian HS, Butt TM, Brix S
    Plos ONE, 2012

2014 (2) 2012 (1)