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    The Thousandth Genome – A Cautionary Tale
    Lagesen K, Ussery DW, Wassenaar TM
    Microbiology 156:603-609, 2010
    On the Origins of a Vibrio species
    Vesth T, Wassenaar TM, Hallin PF, Snipen L, Lagesen K, , Ussery DW
    Microbial Ecology, 59:1-13, 2010


    Studies on Monitoring and Tracking Genetic Resources: An Executive Summary
    Garrity GM, Thompson LM, Ussery DW, Paskin N, Baker D, Desmeth P, Schindel DE, Ong PS
    Standards in Genomic Sciences, 1:78-86, 2009


    Tools for comparison of bacterial genomes
    Wassenaar TM, Binnewies TT, Hallin PF, Ussery DW
    Microbiology of Hydrocarbons, Oils, Lipids, and Derived Compounds, (Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany), 2009

2010 (2) 2009 (1) Books (1)