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2013 (3) 2012 (5)


    Computational approaches to identify functional genetic variants in cancer genomes.
    International Cancer Genome Consortium Mutation Pathways, Consequences Subgroup of the Bioinformatics Analyses Working Group, Gonzalez-Perez A, Mustonen V, Reva B, Ritchie GR, Creixell P, Karchin R, Vazquez M, Fink JL, Kassahn KS, Pearson JV, Bader GD, Boutros PC, Muthuswamy L, Ouellette BF, Reimand J, Linding R, Shibata T, Valencia A, Butler A, Dronov S, Flicek P, Shannon NB, Carter H, Ding L, Sander C, Stuart JM, Stein LD, Lopez-Bigas N
    Nat. Methods 10(8):723-9 doi:10.1038/nmeth.2562, 2013
    Global characterization of signalling networks associated with tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer.
    Browne BC, Hochgräfe F, Wu J, Millar EK, Barraclough J, Stone A, McCloy RA, Lee CS, Roberts C, Ali NA, Boulghourjian A, Schmich F, Linding R, Farrow L, Gee JM, Nicholson RI, O\'Toole SA, Sutherland RL, Musgrove EA, Butt AJ, Daly RJ
    FEBS J. 280(21):5237-57 doi:10.1111/febs.12441, 2013
    In Vivo SILAC-Based Proteomics Reveals Phosphoproteome Changes during Mouse Skin Carcinogenesis
    Zanivan S, Meves A, Behrendt K, Schoof EM, Neilson LJ, Cox J, Tang HR, Kalna G, van Ree JH, van Deursen JM, Trempus CS, Machesky LM, Linding R, Wickström SA, Fässler R, Mann M
    Cell Rep 3(2):552-66 doi:10.1016/j.celrep.2013.01.003, 2013


    PROTEINCHALLENGE: Crowd sourcing in proteomics analysis and software development
    Martin SF, Falkenberg H, Dyrlund TF, Khoudoli GA, Mageean CJ, Linding R
    J Proteomics 88:41-6 doi:10.1016/j.jprot.2012.11.014, 2012
    Navigating cancer network attractors for tumor-specific therapy
    Creixell P, Schoof EM, Erler JT, Linding R
    Nat. Biotechnol. 30(9):842-8 doi:10.1038/nbt.2345, 2012
    Mutational properties of amino acid residues: implications for evolvability of phosphorylatable residues
    Creixell P, Schoof EM, Tan CS, Linding R
    Philos. Trans. R. Soc. Lond., B, Biol. Sci. 367(1602):2584-93 doi:10.1098/rstb.2012.0076, 2012
    Cells, shared memory and breaking the PTM code
    Creixell P, Linding R
    Mol. Syst. Biol. 8:598 doi:10.1038/msb.2012.33, 2012
    Network Medicine Strikes a Blow against Breast Cancer
    Erler JT, Linding R
    Cell, volume 149, issue 4, 2012
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2013 (3) 2012 (5)