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Information Technologies for Chemoinformatics

- New grant from the Danish Strategic Research Council to encourage and support collaboration between academia and industry

Chemoinformatics is a rapidly growing field with a large application potential in the pharma industry. In January 2005, the CBS Chemoinformatics group was etablished as a collaboration between the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the Danish University of Pharmaceutical Sciences (DFU). The chemoinformatics initiative is supported by a grant from the NABIIT program under the Danish Council for Strategic Research and from the Danish Technical Research Council.

The goal of the CBS chemoinformatic group is to develop a broad variety of new and innovative computational tools for use in the drug discovery and optimization process. The research is mainly focused on analysis of large compound and property databases, and the development of predictive tools using machine learning and computational chemistry based methods.

New grant supporting collaboration between research and industries of small to medium size
In November 2006, the chemoinformatics initiative received additional funding from the Danish Council for Strategic Research for the SME (Small to Medium sized Enterprises) pilot project Information Technologies for Chemoinformatics. The target of this program is to encourage and support collaboration between research and industries of small to medium size and to promote the active involvement of the industry in the research work. The focus is especially put on establishing new research partners and motivating collaboration with industries with up to now limited - or even non-existing - contact with the research world, in order to built an initial collaboration.

Seeking industry partners
As part of this new program, the chemoinformatics group is seeking SME industry partners within drug discovery, pharmacology and/or biotechnology for projects that can be initiated in the Spring of 2007. The collaboration will involve the development and implementation of Chemoinformatics methods taking the actual needs and wishes of the SME partners as starting point.

For more information, please contact: Svava Ósk Jónsdóttir or click on one of the links below.