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Searching Information

Most things can be found using google. To search for information from a specific domain use "site:domain". For example searching "measles"

A number of good dictionaries can be found on the web. The access policy and quality changes over time but you can find a recent list by searching for dictionary on google. The first on the list today to give a decent definition of epitope was onelook. The On-Line Medical Dictionary is also wery good. Words in the explanation which are also in the dictionary are linked.

Scientific articles
The abstracts of most major journals within biology/medicine can be searched via pubmed. You can search for names e.g. "nielsen m", subjects e.g. "CTL HIV", names and subjects e.g. "nielsen m neural network". More advanced searches as "asthma/therapy [mh] AND review [pt] AND child, preschool [mh] AND english [la]" are explained in the help page

On ISI you can find out which papers cite a given paper, or how many have cited your paper(s). Try to select "Easy search", "person", yourself or someone else.This can only be reached from within DTU.

Disease/pathogen information
Information about pathogen/diseases can be found using google and restricting the search to for example certre for disease control (CDC), or National Institute of Health (NIH) Information in danish can be found at the Danish State Serum Institute website SSI or at netdoktor.