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View your .cshrc file - The setup you are using:
less ~/.cshrc     
The commands in this file is run everytime you start a new shell

The file typically contains commands like:
alias l less      l is an alias (another name for) for the program less
set path = ($path ~/bin .)      add "~/bin" and "." (where you stand) to the path where you look for programs
setenv ICMHOME /home/people/lund/icm/      set the enviroment variable ICMHOME to "/home/people/lund/icm/". try to issue this command and then type echo $ICMHOME

To run some of the programs from the vaccine group you need to run the command:
source /home/projects/projects/vaccine/vaccinerc

to see what it does type:
less /home/projects/projects/vaccine/vaccinerc

If you need often torunprograms from the vaccine group you may put the line:
source /home/projects/projects/vaccine/vaccinerc
in your .cshrc file.