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Behavioral Phenomics Projects

Bachelor Projects
  • 11/07-2014 - In vivo effects of different emulsifiers and dietary oils on establishment of the gut microbiota in germ-free mice
  • 01/07-2013 - Does birth order affect personality?
Master Projects
  • 18/07-2014 - Molecular Pharmacology of the Calcitonin receptor
  • 07/08-2013 - Inferring phylogenetics: Using probabilistic-based evolution to analyze biological systems in all domains of life
  • 24/06-2013 - Analysis of human face images with computational methods in the context of finding associations to personality traits
  • 17/10-2012 - Can you judge a book by its cover? - An investigation into the proposed connection between looks and personality
Special Courses
  • 02/02-2014 - Inheritance of Personality Traits
  • 26/11-2012 - Identification of the optimal method for analysis of human faces in the context of finding associations to personality traits
  • 01/07-2012 - Identification of associations between facial features and personality traits


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