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Computational Chemical Biology Projects

Bachelor Projects
  • 07/06-2013 - Exploring tools for the prediction of polypharmacology
  • 30/06-2012 - Deciphering the complex effects of diet on human health by integrating large scale transcriptome data
  • 08/07-2009 - A Drug - Protein Interaction Network Related to Psychotic Diseases
Master Projects
  • 20/09-2013 - Development of virtual screening tools and evaluation of chemical fingerprints f?or lead and scaffold hopping
  • 10/01-2013 - Evaluation of Apicomplexan AP2 domains in relation to ligand specificity
  • 16/03-2012 - A human diet interactome network of protein complexes implicated in genetic disorders
  • 09/03-2012 - Carbohydrate active enzymes: looking for new sources and novel functionalities
  • 28/02-2012 - QSAR and docking studies on selective PPAR? ligand analogues
  • 15/09-2011 - Deciphering the clinical effect of drugs via metagenome and metabolome analyses
  • 10/06-2011 - Novel Apiaceae cytochromes P450 of the CYP71AJ subfamily: Combining functional yeast expression and in silico homology modeling in elucidating substrate specificity
  • 30/01-2011 - Computatioinal Design at Small Molecules for Targeting Human Infectious Desease
  • 30/08-2010 - In Silico Exploration of the Chemical Space of Natural Compounds from Ayurveda Traditional Medicine
  • 12/06-2009 - Analysis of the Pharmacological Space Based on PubChem Bioassay Data
  • 02/01-2009 - Global Analyses of the Chemical Space of Ligands Binding to PPARs and Other Nuclear Receptors
  • 05/10-2007 - Development of a Chemoinformatics database and tool for the Prediction of Compounds that could act as Leads in the Drug Development Pipeline
Special Courses
  • 31/08-2013 - ?Communicating scientific results: Writing a scientific paper on a new approach for the identification of compounds? with anti-malarial activity
  • 01/08-2013 - Identification of structural variants in genes involved in medical side effects
  • 05/06-2013 - Prediction of ligand binding within human olfactory receptors
  • 28/02-2013 - Comparison of methods for the evaluation of 2D fingerprints for Virtual Screening


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