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Disease Intelligence and Molecular Evolution Projects

Master Projects
  • 01/02-2012 - Protein complexes affected by differential expression and copy number variations in CLL patient subsets
  • 14/10-2011 - Integrative data analysis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia patient subsets
  • 22/08-2011 - Improved protein homology modelling using structure specific gap penalties and multiple templates
  • 20/11-2009 - Neural Network Based Computational Prediction of MicroRNA Targets
  • 03/03-2009 - Structure-guided Prediction of MHC-II Ligand Binding
  • 06/08-2007 - Prediction of local structure elements using artificial neural networks
Special Courses
  • 01/03-2011 - A Systems View on Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia


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