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ArchaeaFun 1.0 Server

Prediction of enzyme classes for archaeal proteins

The ArchaeaFun 1.0 server produces ab initio predictions of enzyme class (if any) from sequence. The method queries a large number of other feature prediction servers to obtain information on various post-translational and localizational aspects of the protein, which are integrated into final enzyme class predictions of the submitted sequence.

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Paste a single sequence or several sequences in FASTA format into the field below:

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At most 10 sequences and 10,000 amino acids per submission; each sequence not less than 15 and not more than 4,000 amino acids.

The sequences are kept confidential and will be deleted after processing.


For publication of results, please cite:

Prediction of novel archaeal enzymes from sequence-derived features.
L.J. Jensen, M. Skovgaard, and S. Brunak
Protein Science: 11: 2894-2898, 2002.

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