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Output format


For each input sequence the server predicts enzyme/non-enzyme and enzyme class. In each prediction the highest score is marked with an arrow (=>). The prediction of enzyme class is carried out even if an enzyme is not predicted. The purpose is to provide maximal information in borderline cases. However, the highest scoring enzyme class in not marked for predicted non-enzymes.

The scores consist of two numbers. The first number is the estimated probability that the entry belongs to the class in question. This probability is weighted with the a priori distribution of that class. The second number represents the odds that the sequence belongs to that class/category.


The protein is classified as enzyme or non-enzyme:

  • Enzyme
  • Non-enzyme

  • Enzyme class

    Given the protein is predicted an enzyme, it is classified into 6 different enzyme classes:

  • Oxidoreductase (EC 1.-.-.-)
  • Transferase (EC 2.-.-.-)
  • Hydrolase (EC 3.-.-.-)
  • Lyase (EC 4.-.-.-)
  • Isomerase (EC 5.-.-.-)
  • Ligase (EC 6.-.-.-)


    # Enzyme/nonenzyme                     Prob     Odds
      Enzyme                            => 0.655    1.310
      Nonenzyme                            0.345    0.690
    # Enzyme class                         Prob     Odds
      Oxidoreductase (EC 1.-.-.-)          0.100    0.450
      Transferase    (EC 2.-.-.-)          0.220    0.990
      Hydrolase      (EC 3.-.-.-)       => 0.441    1.985
      Lyase          (EC 4.-.-.-)          0.099    0.891
      Isomerase      (EC 5.-.-.-)          0.103    0.927
      Ligase         (EC 6.-.-.-)          0.026    0.234


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