C-Immsim 10.1 Server

C-ImmSim 10.1 server: dynamic simulations of Immune Response.


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Antigen selection:

Paste either a single or several sequences in FASTA format, a PDB structure code or a UniProt protein accession code into the field below:

Submit a file in FASTA format directly from your local disk:

Injections schedule:

Antigen Injections schedule: Specify the format for the injection as follows [protein_id, time, dosage]. Use the semicolon (;) to separate successive injections.

- Protein_id needs to be consistent with the protein_id specified in the textbox above.

- Time is expressed in units of 8 hours.

- Dosage is expressed in arbitrary units.

Host HLA selection:

   A MHC class I     A MHC class I

    B MHC class I     B MHC class I

    DR MHC class II     DR MHC class II


random seed:    

Simulation steps: 

simulation Volume (micro L, 50 micro L max.): 


The sequences are kept confidential and will be deleted after processing.


For publication of results, please cite:

Computational Immunology Meets Bioinformatics: The Use of Prediction Tools for Molecular Binding in the Simulation of the Immune System.
Nicolas Rapin,Ole Lund, Massimo Bernaschi, Filippo Castiglione.
PLoS ONE5(4): e9862. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0009862 , 2010.

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