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2.0 The current version.

A improved method for fold recognition/homology modeling, in which a large sequence database is iteratively searched to construct a sequence profile until a template can be found in a database of proteins with known structure. Query and template sequences are subsequently aligned using a score based on profile-profile comparisons.

CPHmodels 2.0: X3M a Computer Program to Extract 3D Models.
O. Lund, M. Nielsen, C. Lundegaard, P. Worning
Abstract at the CASP5 conference A102, 2002.

1.0 The first CPHmodels server.

Protein distance constraints predicted by neural networks and probability density functions.
O. Lund, K. Frimand, J. Gorodkin, H. Bohr, J. Bohr, J. Hansen and S. Brunak.
Protein Engineering: 10:1241-1248, 1997.

O. Lund et al., unpublished results.


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