Usage instructions

A. by "cut and paste": (i) a single sequence in FASTA format or only plain sequence, or (ii) multiple sequences in FASTA format.
B. a file in FASTA format. Type in the path to the file directly or use the "Browse" button to find your file.
NOTE: ChloroP accepts only amino acid sequences.

Include the N-terminus
It is strongly recommended to include the N-terminus of the submitted sequence. The further from the N-terminal residue the submitted sequence starts, the more difficult and unreliable the prediction will be.

Submit preferably around 100 residues
Submit if possible about 100 N-terminal residues. The suggested length is due to the fact that the "cTP"/"no cTP" predictor was trained with input sequences of length 100 residues. However, shorter sequences may also be satisfactory predicted (it is more important that the N-terminal part is intact). The cleavage site prediction is restricted to search for a potential cleavage site within the 100 most N-terminal residues and is in itself not influenced by sequence length.

Sequence names
The name of the sequences may be of any length, but only the first 20 characters will be preserved throughout the prediction and presented on the ChloroP prediction result page.

Detailed output
Check this box if you would like the neural network score also for each residue (and not only for each sequence) to be presented. A derivative of the network score used for finding the area in which the cleavage site is searched for (the 40 residues surrounding the residue with the highest derivative score) is also presented, along with the cleavage site score (CS-score) for each residue.


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