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ProbeWiz Server

The CBS ProbeWiz server predicts optimal PCR primer pairs for generation of probes for cDNA arrays. The input to the software is a list of GenBank accession numbers or pasted in sequenses in FASTA format.
A similar server for designing oligonucleotide probes for microarrays named OligoWiz2 also exists.

Specify list of gene identifiers

Paste GenBank IDs:


Specify FASTA

Paste in nucleotide sequense in FASTA format:
The software will now look for potential cross-hybridization targets with more than bp of to % homology
in the database specified:


For publication of results, please cite:

H. B. Nielsen and S. Knudsen
Avoiding cross hybridization by choosing nonredundant targets on cDNA arrays
Bioinformatics 2002 18: 321-322. [Abstract] [PDF]