Continuous DSSP This is an initial version of the continuous DSSP (DSSPcont) web site. It is mirrored at CUBIC in the USA, here. The site is based on the work presented in:

Continuous secondary structure correlates with protein motion
Claus A.F. Andersen, Arthur G. Palmer, Soren Brunak and Burkhard Rost

The DSSP program automates protein secondary structure assignment, using an algorithm that assigns every residue to one of eight states. However, any discrete assignment is incomplete, because the continuum of thermal fluctuations cannot be described. Hence, a continuous assignment of secondary structure that replaces 'static' by 'dynamic' states is proposed. Technically, continuous DSSP assignments were obtained as weighted averages over ten DSSP assignments with different hydrogen bond thresholds. The continuous DSSP assignments calculated from a single set of coordinates reflect the structural variations due to thermal fluctuations. We anticipate that continuous secondary structure assignments may impact future protein structure comparison and prediction.

Planned services:
The DSSPcont output can originate from one X-ray structure, the average over all NMR models for a given structure or DSSPcont output for a single model.
We can presently provide the DSSPcont output for an example, and in an internal format for the entire data set (slow! 4MB, gzip) used in our study. The PDB id's for the mixed, X-ray and NMR data sets used can also be retrieved.