Usage instructions

In order to use the DictyOglyc server for prediction on amino-acids sequences either: 

  1. Type the name of the sequence in the 'Sequence name' field 
    • The sequence must be submitted using the one letter code for the amino acids:
    • Other characters will be accepted, but not encoded in the network window, when making the prediction. Do not use these. 
    • Peptides shorter than 19 residues can produce non-reliable results. (always include 9 residues on both sides of the Ser/Thr you want evaluated. The optimal is to use the complete "native" glycoprotein sequence truncating the signal sequence)
  2. Click on the "Generate Graph" checkbox if you'd like to see a graph with the output (Gif/Postscript). These may be quite useful in seeing the "hot" spots in your protein. 
  3. Press the "Submit sequence" button. 
  4. A WWW page will return the results when the prediction is ready. Response time depends on system load. 
  5. OR

  6. Use the file browser to find your sequences in FASTA format in your own appropiate directory (a single file may contain multiple sequences).

  7. Example of two sequences in fasta format:


  8. Click on Generate graph if required, and then press the "Send file" button. 


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