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The HExpoChem server contains information on diverse sources of chemicals with the aim to explore human health risk from chemical exposure. Five sources of information are considered i.e. drugs, food, cosmetics, industrial chemicals and human metabolites corresponding of over 10183 unique chemicals with bioactivities for around 19 483 human proteins.

HExpoChem can assist in the multi-exposure to chemicals defined as a "cocktail" through several tools and can help in the decision of potential proteins and proteins complexes associated to life-style diseases.

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For publication of results, please cite:

HExpoChem: a systems biology resource to explore human exposure to chemicals [ link ]
Olivier Taboureau, Ulrik Plesner Jacobsen, Christian Kalhauge, Daniel Edsgärd, Olga Rigina, Ramneek Gupta and Karine Audouze
Bioinformatics (2013).

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The chemical exposure information has been provided by:

  • DrugBank        BiGG Database        Phenol Explorer        Flavornet        EAFUS and GRAS        Household        Cosmetics

    The chemical-protein associations has been provided by:

  • DrugBank        CTD        STITCH

    The biological enrichments has been provided by:

  • Genecards        OMIM        Reactome         KEGG         Gene Ontology


    This work has been supported by:

  • EU project - DEER        
  • The Innovatives Medicines Initiative Joint Undertaking (eTOX)        


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