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Output Guide

The result screen can be split in the following three parts:

  1. A static tree showing the MHC binding motif relationship. *
  2. A heat map showing the Pearson correlation between the MHC alleles.
  3. Download links for the result files.
* Note: By clicking on the image or the link below you will be redirected to the interactive tree viewer (click here to see the tree viewer guide).

Static Tree

The static tree shows how the different MHC alleles clusters together.
By clicking the on the image or the link below, the user is taken to an advanced tree viewer. Here the user can customize the tree and see the binding motifs directly on the tree.
To see the guide for this interactive tree click here.

Static Tree


Heat Map

The heat map gives a quick overview of how similar the MHC binding motifs are. The scale corresponds to the distance between the alleles, where Red (0) is very similar and beige/white (1) is dissimilar.
On the left side and on the top of the matrix is two small trees depicting the hierarchical clusters of the MHC alleles.
On the right side and in the bottom of the matrix are the labels.

Heat Map


Download Links

This part lists all the downloadable files:

  1. Link to the tree in PNG.
  2. Link to the tree in PDF.
  3. Link to the concensus tree. A newick file which can be shown in most tree viewers.
  4. Link to the heat map in PNG.
  5. Link to the heat map in PDF.
  6. Link to the heat map distance file.
  7. Link to the prediction accuracy file.
  8. Link to a zip file containing all the prediction files.
  9. Link to a zip file containing all the binding motifs of the alleles.
Download Links



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