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MatrixPlot 1.2

MatrixPlot can be used to generate mutual information plots of sequence alignments, distance matrices of sequence with known 3D coordinates, and plots of user provided matrix files. For details consult the introduction and data format pages. For publication of results, please cite
MatrixPlot: visualizing sequence constraints. J. Gorodkin, H. H. Stærfeldt, O. Lund, and S. Brunak. Bioinformatics. 15:769-770, 1999. ( [ps.gz | pdf.gz].
Introduction Data format User matrix Mutual Nucl Mutual Prot Dist matrix


* Mutual information in RNA (and DNA) sequences.
Submit aligned RNA or DNA sequences. The sequence alphabet can also be user defined.
* Mutual information in protein sequences.
Submit aligned protein sequences. The sequence alphabet can also be user defined.
* Distance matrices.
Type in the pdb entry and chain name, or coordinates of your own sequence.
* Submit your own matrix.
Use your own generated matrix data.

Software download:

* MatrixPlot software download with a GNU license.


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