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Version history

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2.0 The current version (online since 02/09/2016). Updates from the previous version include:
  • introduction of insertions and deletions in the sequence alignment
  • customization of the input alphabet, enabling analyses of data with non-standard amino acids but also DNA/RNA quantitative data
  • sequence logos are now displayed using Seq2Logo
  • enabled training with receptor pseudo-sequences
1.4 Uses an improved algorithm for offset correction, that allows alignment of PSSMs on a window size of the same length as the core length (online since 01/12/2011).
1.3 Enhanced interface and visualization of LOGOs, and statistics for all motif lengths in an interval. Added Log-odds matrix representation of the motif (online since 23/06/2011).
1.2 Includes re-aligment of network cores for a better logo representation (online since 20/03/2011).
1.1 Implements several new options and fixes some bugs of version 1.0 (online since 25/01/2011).
1.0 (online since 06/01/2011).


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