Version history

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1.1 The current server (online since 13 September 2010). New in this version
  • The method has been updated to include the newest MHC allele releases from the IMGT/HLA and IPD-MHC databases (for non-human primates and pig). These updates include incoportation of the new nomemclature for HLA and Rhesus macaque (Mamu). Also the NetMHCpan method has been update to version 2.3.
1.0 The current server (online since 01 October 2009).
  • NetCTLpan 1.0 server predicts CTL epitopes in protein sequences. The current version 1.0 is an update to the original NetCTL server. The updated version allows for prediction of CTL epitope with restriction to any MHC molecules of known protein sequence. Predictions can be made for 8-11mer peptides. Note that all non 9mer predictions are made using approximations. Most HLA molecules have a strong preference for binding 9mers.

Main publication:

  • NetCTLpan. Pan-specific MHC class I pathway epitope predictions. Stranzl T., Larsen M. V., Lundegaard C., and Nielsen M.
NetCTL-1.2 Earlier version NetCTL.


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