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Output Format


The long format output (default) consists of 5 columns:

  • Residue number.
  • Amino Acid
  • Asigned Prediction ('S' for prediction > threshold, '.' otherwise)
    NOTE: the predicted cleavage site is after the assigned 'S' i.e. the peptide-bond on the C-terminal side of an amino acid with an assigned 'S' is cleaved.
  • Predcition score
  • Sequence name

When short output is chosen each input sequence will be shown with the predicted cleavage site indicated, with symbol S.

For each sequence the prediction ends with a line stating how many cleavage sites were identified.


Example output (long format)

 pos  AA  C      score      Ident

  74   E  .   0.107631 143B_BOVIN
  75   K  .   0.117492 143B_BOVIN
  76   K  .   0.083109 143B_BOVIN
  77   Q  .   0.557462 143B_BOVIN
  78   Q  S   0.850332 143B_BOVIN
  79   M  .   0.123313 143B_BOVIN
  80   G  .   0.344005 143B_BOVIN

Number of cleavage sites 74. Number of amino acids 245. Protein name 143B_BOVIN


Example output (short format)

245 143B_BOVIN


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